Bad Germs, Bad Genes and Bad Luck

Bad Germs, Bad Genes, Bad Luck

People walk into our office and tell us they’ve tried pain killers, allergy shots, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, laxatives, sleeping aids, migraine drugs and the list goes on. Many people have been told they’re just stuck with this pain or that symptom, that’s just how it is, that it’s their lot in life. We’ve been taught that we are the victims of bad germs, bad genes and bad luck and that our health is beyond our control.

Lifestyle Choices Matter

Here’s the great news: It’s been estimated that 85-90% of your current level of health is determined by your lifestyle choices! Think about that one for a moment… The vast majority of your ability to heal, digest, sleep, listen, breath, reproduce, move and be fully alive is based on your choices. Many people will wait until a crisis occurs and hope to be given the magic bullet to make all things well again. Our “health” care system will always have some kind of reactionary crisis intervention, some of them life saving – but the system can never create a higher level of health and function in someone.

 “It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses, we must plant more roses.” – George Eliot  

Who is Your Chef?

There is a fascinating branch of science being studied called epigenetics.  It is the study of what turns our genes on or off.  This is HUGE!  DNA is the blueprint used to make new cells and fix cells that are damaged.  Think of DNA like a recipe book.  There are hundreds of pages of recipes for appetizers, soups, bread, vegetable dishes, meat dishes and desserts.  All the information is there to make a fantastic meal.  Epigenetics is like the chef who is selecting the meal – the correct page is found on the table of contents, the page has to be flipped to, and the recipe accurately followed in order for the meal to be made properly.  Lifestyle choices have a direct influence on this hypothetical chef who chooses the recipes (genes) to create meals (healthy cells).  This concept is really important so read it again if you need to.  Our lifestyle choices turn on and turn off certain genes.

Healthy Cells

Daily choices create the external and internal environment we live in.  The nerve system is what allows for accurate collection of information about our environment.  That accurate collection then leads to accurate production of what we need to express life.  Our nerve system causes our eyes to see, stomach to digest and kidneys to filter in this moment, but it also is the conduit by which your body creates more of you – more healthy cells you need to by fully alive.  Take a guess what’s been shown to decrease the function of the nerve system and affect even genetic expression?  Yup.  Subluxation.  Not just for pain anymore!
Check out more here about epigenetics from Dr. Bruce Lipton.


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  • I promised a haiku to show my appreciation, so here it is!

    Dr. Neil is great
    I have never felt better
    Go see him today

    In all honesty, Dr. Neil has been a huge help getting rid of my headaches and chronic sickness - issues that no medication in the world could help. He’s a class act and treats his clients like a true professional. If you’re dealing with any sort of health issues, I would recommend booking an appointment with him.

    Thank you Dr. Neil and your team (Deb & Sue are fantastic!) for your commitment to my health and your welcoming environment. I look forward to my appointments!

    Caleb Radley Avatar
    Caleb Radley
  • I have been a patient for about 9 years. My sons, since birth and they 7 and 4 now. I can't say enough about the Ancaster Family Chiropractic team. They are very friendly and accommodating and truly make you feel like part of their Chiropractic family. Our visits have helped keep our immune systems strong and help our bodies heal and stay healthy. Dr. Neil and his team are fantastic with my boys. They fondly call him Dr. Clickers. He is a big part of our health maintenance and we're grateful to have found him.

    Pam Dawson Avatar
    Pam Dawson
  • Dr Brown is efficient, empathetic and excellent at what he does, which is helping your body heal itself! The investment that he, and his supportive team of Deb and Sue, make towards your long term care plan is by far the most thorough and well thought out that I have ever experienced. I highly recommend their services for the whole family.

    Wendy Vnoucek Avatar
    Wendy Vnoucek
  • The team at Ancaster Family Chiropractic are very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. They are very welcoming, and are flexible and able to work with your schedule and needs. My husband, daughter and I all see Dr. Neil. He is very helpful and great at what he does! I would highly recommend him to anyone considering chiropractic care!

    Hope Freer Avatar
    Hope Freer
  • I have been a patient with Dr Neil for about 2 years now and have definitely noticed an overall improvement in my well being and good health feeling since starting with the adjustments. I can also attribute a successful and remarkable quick recovery from 2 Total Knee Replacement surgeries to having good chiropractic care supporting good health healing! Dr. Neil is not only a caring friendly professional, he is also highly experienced and I wish to recommend him to anyone that needs a boost to daily health.

    Bob Elstub Avatar
    Bob Elstub
  • I have been a proud client of Dr. Neil and the support team since 2016 and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. I tried other chiropracters previously and the experience at Ancaster Family Chiropractic is far superior than any other. The atmosphere is positive, friendly and professional. The set up is great and the organization/structure just makes sense. I love having a key fob...makes me feel important! They actually teach about chiropractic care for a greater understanding of same. The name is fitting as you feel like part of the family. Thanks for everything you do.

    Jeff Bielby Avatar
    Jeff Bielby

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