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This week’s Article of the Week is written by Deb

If you have been around me long enough, you have probably heard me mention my brother-in-law Paul, who is currently in university. It’s worth repeating for those who haven’t heard. They are truly an inspiration to me.

My sister Kate married a Texan and they have lived in Texas and more recently Oklahoma in a beautiful house, went to an amazing church and were surrounded by very good friends. At the age of 52, Paul decided he wanted to go back to school and study to be a physician’s assistant. He had worked in similar fields when he was younger as he had been a paramedic on an air ambulance and spent some time working at the fire department. Kate fully supported his decision as he applied to various universities. He was accepted to a university in Arkansas. I remember Kate saying here they were in their 50’s, they were selling their house and moving on campus to a 1 bedroom apartment …she hoped she could cope with campus living!

Before school started, Paul finished off a project he had been working on for some time. He had interviewed 100 people over the age of 100 to get their perspective on life. Many said their faith and continually learning new things helped them stay sharp. He sent it off to print – his book was done.

Paul was a success at school. The younger students sought him out for advise and to calm them down when they were about to crack from the pressure. His calm demeanor kept them focused and a little less stressed. They helped him with technology. He was called upon in class to share life experiences he had while working in the field. Kate also embraced her new life. She would often put together a hot breakfast and deliver it to their early study groups or have them over for dinner. University living was fulfilling and they embraced all those that were around them.

A few months ago a young student asked Paul if he would marry her and her fiancé during school break. He had been there for her and she really wanted him to officiate at her wedding. Paul met with the young couple and really liked who they were together. He took an online course and Paul married them a few weeks ago.

They have since moved to Little Rock, Arkansas where Paul is completing his 2nd year doing rounds at the local hospital. We’re all looking forward to hearing how the next leg of the journey goes. I am so proud of them both!


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