Genetic Blueprints Didn’t Do This To You

The Blueprints of Life

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a Ph.D. cell biologist who taught at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine & at Stanford University. He speaks all over the world and has written several books (including The Biology of Belief on the impact that our thoughts have on our blueprints, the expression of our genes. I just listened to a podcast where he talked about the impact our beliefs, awareness and choice have on our health outcomes.

We’ve all been told that our genes determine everything about us. “Genetic determinism”, is the belief that human behaviour is directly controlled by an individual’s genes or some component of their physiology. If you are taught that you’re a victim of your genes, you have little hope that you can make any change to your life.

Your genes are blueprints to make proteins, the building blocks for all your cells. The old idea was that genes could turn on or off. Think of it like this: you walk into an architect’s office and she’s looking at a blueprint. You say “excuse me…is that blueprint on or off?” A gene has no ‘on’ or ‘off’. It does not activate itself. It does not make any decision about itself. The only way a gene is controlled is by information from above (called epigenetics). This information is from your environment and/or from your mind. Once we recognize this, we can let go of the belief that “genes did this to me”.

One Gene – Many Proteins

The thoughts we have and the way we consciously respond to our environment alter the way the blueprint is read. Amazingly, this can lead to several thousand different proteins from the same gene – some healthy, some not. One of the most extreme examples is of a single fruit fly gene that provides the recipe for more than 38,000 different proteins!

The Program Wins

Scientists say that for 95-99% of the day, your conscious mind is in active thought. When you’re in active thought, your life isn’t controlled by your creative wishes and desires, your life is controlled by the programs that you have been given, many of them by 7 years of age. It’s like when you push the button on the jukebox, and the same song plays over and over again. The other important component is that 70% of the thoughts in your subconscious mind are self- sabotaging, limiting and disempowering. You can’t see it because your mind is busy thinking while the subconscious is playing and YOU are the one that doesn’t see it. Yikes! What to do about it? Check back in next week for more…


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  • Dr. Neil and the staff Deb and Sue were very helpful with dealing with my issues. I went in with a lower back pain and has been healing pretty well. I have noticed the adjustments and home exercise not only helped with the pain but also helped with my digestion issues such as bloating. They were very accommodating whenever I needed a change in visits.Overall a great place to get yourself healed.

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  • Excellent chiropractic office. Dr. Neil and his team are efficient and effective.

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  • Their philosophy of health and well being is encouraging, optimistic and realistic. I appreciate the idea of leading a healthy lifestyle and preventing illness rather than simply treating the symptoms of ailments. Also, there are times unexpected benefits to chiropractic care. I wholeheartedly recommend Ancaster Family Chiropractic.

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    Jared W.
  • Great service and atmosphere, staff is friendly. I am always eager for my weekly adjustments, feel so much better after and very energized. Highly recommend the place.

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  • Fantastic team who care about the whole person - always.friendly and helpful. Such a difference in my physical well being. My headaches are gone and I know better how to care for my long term well being.

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  • Dr Neil is fantastic at welcoming new patients. It's been a pleasure so far! I would definitely recommend!

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    Dayna F.
  • I've been seeing Dr. Neil for over two years and consider his care essential to my overall well being. Dr. Neil, Deb, and Sue create a welcoming friendly environment. I greatly enjoy attending at Ancaster Family Chiropractic and I highly recommend them. Thank you for the great care you provide! Julie

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    Julie F.
  • Dr. Neil and the admin staff have been a pleasure to deal with. I was referred to Ancaster Family chiro by a family member when I was dealing with severe back pain to the point that I couldn’t stand up straight. After the first adjustment I was shocked by the difference I could feel right away. As someone without a health benefit plan, Dr Neil was very accommodating in finding an affordable plan for me. I have been a client now for almost 6 months and can honestly say that I feel the biggest difference. Do yourself a favour and try these folks out, you’ll thank yourself later!

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    Eric S.
  • Dr Brown is efficient, empathetic and excellent at what he does, which is helping your body heal itself! The investment that he, and his supportive team of Deb and Sue, make towards your long term care plan is by far the most thorough and well thought out that I have ever experienced. I highly recommend their services for the whole family.

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  • Wonderful atmosphere and experience every time. So thankful for Dr Neil and the team! Highly recommended!!!

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