Perfection – Can You See It?

Can You See It?

It seems that everyone can see perfection in a plant.  I want you to think about a simple plant that sits on your windowsill.

When you observe a plant that is wilting, what questions automatically come to your mind?

When I ask this question, the answers are always the same: Is it getting enough water? Is it getting enough sunlight? Is it protected from environmental stress – abnormal temperatures or wind? Is the soil healthy?

We all automatically see the perfection in the plant.  We know that a plant has the innate ability to bounce back, and that healthy is its normal state.  Plants are, in fact, designed to be healthy.  Can you see it?

If a plant has wilting leaves, we don’t look for some abstract diagnostic name or label that has nothing to do with the main underlying cause.

Wilty Leaf-itis

We don’t look at a wilting plant and try to figure out if it’s “wilty leaf-itis,” or some other name that merely just describes the symptom.  Our thought process goes directly to the fundamental needs, because of our belief that tells us that the plant already has the ability to be perfect.  We innately know that LIFE loves LIFE.

So, why don’t we see ourselves in the same way? 

Why, when a person is not healthy, do we ask questions such as: What is it? What do we call it? How do I get rid of it?

Many years ago health care stopped being about addressing fundamental needs.  Medicine started to address the symptoms instead of the underlying cause.  They started to do ‘patch work’ when it came to health.  This type of thinking about health has led us on a slippery slope.

People started to take painkillers for headaches, muscle relaxants for spasm, anti-inflammatory pills for almost everything that hurts, and more.  And they started doing this not just in crisis, but also to get through each day.  Consumption of symptom-reducing medication has risen exponentially over the last 30 years.

Do you believe that the CAUSE of a headache is a deficiency in pain killer medication?

Of course you don’t.  So, then you understand that this treatment does not address the fundamental underlying cause of the headache; it just masks it.

Do you believe that the CAUSE of acid reflux is a deficiency in antacid?

Again, the answer seems so simple, yet people nowadays seem satisfied with simply taking something to treat the symptom, without ever addressing the underlying cause.  And then they are surprised when all of a sudden their health is in crisis.

The truth is that symptoms are your body’s attempt at communicating with you.  They are a gift!  They are absolutely not enjoyable, but they are critical.  Simply taking away or masking the symptom does not make you healthier; it just makes you feel better, and that is not the same thing.

True health is a restoration of normal function, and in that state the body has less symptoms, and ideally no symptoms at all, simply an expression of human health.

As you may have noticed over the last 30 years, there is a subsequent increase in the number of medications available to treat each condition.  I think that some medical breakthroughs are amazing; especially as it pertains to crisis care.  But in general, are we getting healthier?

Don’t get me wrong; obviously there is a time and place for acute crisis care.  I am clear on that.  In fact, I think that it is an amazing gift that so many people have been helped in crisis by medication.  Drugs and surgery are second to none in crisis management.

But we need to be clear; that which is good for you in crisis is not the same thing that helps you create health long term.  At some point it became ‘normal’ for people to carry pills in their purse or in their car.  At some point it became OK to advertise drugs directly to people, encouraging them to “ask your doctor” in the hope that they will sell more product.

Our day-to-day decisions are based on our personal belief system.  Read that again.

Made to Heal or Not?

If you believe that the body is inherently weak, that it has little to no ability to heal itself, then it makes perfect sense that you would turn to something from the outside-in, in order to help you get past a symptom.

If you believe that the body is inherently strong, that it has great ability to heal itself, then it makes perfect sense that you would turn to something that helps your body to heal naturally, which, in turn, would lead to normal resolution of the symptom.

Children who grow up believing they are weak, will learn the habit of looking to the outside for answers; in all areas not just health.

Children who grow up believing they are inherently and naturally strong, will learn the habit of looking inward for answers; in all areas.  This is what I want for my kids and future generations. How about you?


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  • Really impressed with the quality of care my children are receiving. They are comfortable coming here & their sleep issues have improved. I also have issues with my wrist and hands & they kindly looked at my issue and gave me a quick adjustment free of charge.

    n/a w. Avatar
    n/a w.
  • The team at Ancaster Family Chiropractic are amazing. I've been seeing Dr. Neil for quite a few years now and am so glad I have. Dr. Neil's treatment plan has not only given me greater mobility I very rarely even get sick. I would highly recommend Dr. Neil if you're looking for a way to improve your health. Give Deb a call and make an appointment, you won't regret it. If you want to feel healthier this is the place to go.

    Kris C. Avatar
    Kris C.
  • After a few month treatment, my neck and shoulder feel much better and I can work in front of the computer much longer...Dr Neil is very knowledgeable and the staffs are very very friendly!

    Amanda P. Avatar
    Amanda P.
  • Started going too the Ancaster family chiropractic about a month ago with neck and mid to lower back pain. Now I'm having less pain and stiffness through out the week.They also put together a personal plan for the problems I was going through and walk me through how they were going to solve them

    colin p. Avatar
    colin p.
  • All my family (my wife, 3yr daughter and myself) have regularly treatments from Dr. Neil and his awesome team. Definitely a big improvement and highly recommend.

    HK M. Avatar
    HK M.
  • I don't think I ever actually understood what a chiropractor was supposed to do before coming here. I've only just starting coming here, but I'm already noticing a difference! Their initial assessment was so incredibly informative, and every visit since then has only helped me understand my body better.

    Felicia C. Avatar
    Felicia C.
  • I've been in Dr Neil's care for a little over a year now. I was sent to him by a referral, a family that had been going to him for years, with nothing but good things to say and much success!I had a terrible fall, which caused me unbearable coccyx pain. Needless to say, once I had a few xrays, we found many problems with my spine. Dr Neil has tackled each of my issues with care, and in priority. I can't believe the difference over the year. I am continuing my journey for better spine/back health, with full confidence and trust in Dr. Neil!

    Krista H. Avatar
    Krista H.
  • I started the chiropractic here with severe pain in my neck and low back area at this center. Now after 4 months of doing weekly adjustments with Dr. Neil, I can observe the great improvement in my body posture and my neck movement. and best part is that I started my routine workout that last time I urged to stop due to my neck pain. I'm so thankful to get to know Dr. Neil and his great and helpful team.i will continue having my regular adjustments so that I will feel as healthy and fit as I can be for the rest of my life!thank you Ancaster Family!

    Nillie A. Avatar
    Nillie A.
  • Dr. Neil has helped our family from his care. From having daily migraines to no headaches at all!

    Shane D. Avatar
    Shane D.
  • I have been going to see Dr. Neil and his wonderful staff for a couple of months now and I'm starting to see an improvement in my back and neck pain. If you are in need of chiropractic services I would highly recommend Ancaster Family Chiropractic.

    Mike M. Avatar
    Mike M.
  • Honestly, this was the first chiropractor I've been to that insisted on xrays before treatment. And wow, I was glad I had them done, the proof was in the pudding, I myself could see my misalignment. Dr Neil is so absolutely friendly and patient, I walked in there in so much pain and I feel so much better. I referred my partner to the clinic as well, as they've gained my trust

    Haley M. Avatar
    Haley M.
  • This is my first experience with chiropractic medicine and it has been very, very positive. The now bimonthly adjustments keep me very mobile and comfortable.

    Gina R. Avatar
    Gina R.
  • I've been seeing Dr Neil for the past 3 months and my physical rehabilitation has been amazing. My range of motion is 10 times better, I walk more upright now, sporadic pains in various areas of my body have substantially decreased. The clinic staff are super friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I'm very grateful to have found this place 🙂. Keep rocking those super cool dress shirts Neil! Butterfly one is my fav 👌

    Tarus F. Avatar
    Tarus F.
  • I have been committed to my treatment plans for just over a year now and I am pleased to say that I have made tremendous progress. Dr. Neil, Deb and Sue are passionate about what they do and it is apparent in their patient care. I am eternally grateful to my friend that referred me. If you are looking for a chiropractor look no further.

    Malisa C. Avatar
    Malisa C.
  • Dr. Neil is caring and truly wants to help you get better. I have been completing adjustments for a few months now and have noticed considerable improvement to my posture. My back pain is starting to disappear and I know that the continued treatment will help me get back to normal. Thank you to you and your team :)

    Vanessa M. Avatar
    Vanessa M.
  • I've been attending chiropractic sessions by Dr. Niel and I should say they've been great. My posture hase been improved along with my balance. Dr.Niel has a very professional attitude and spends time with patients to find the root causeof the problemsvand resolving them in order to make a longstanding change. The other team members are also very friendly and helpful and it's been a pleasure dealing with them.

    Matt E. Avatar
    Matt E.
  • After spending January 2022 in severe back discomfort I was referred to see Dr. Neil by my niece. Not only did Dr. Neil diagnose me properly to help me relieve all my pain, he has worked with me as healing partner by helping me to safely implement other modalities such as exercise, nutrition and stress relief techniques back into my life so I am stronger and much healthier moving forward. This doctor is an excellent chiropractic practitioner, he is trustworthy, incredibly intelligent, committed to his patient care, an excellent listener, humble and kind. Ancaster Family Chiropractic provided me with everything I needed to re-establish my health including support and encouragement and I am incredibly grateful. The staff are very professional, friendly, understanding and accommodating! As a health care professional myself the above things matter deeply to me as a health care provider and as a patient. Thank-you so much Ancaster Family Chiropractic (Dr. Neil) you have genuinely helped me re-establish my health and move forward into life pain free and after all... our good health is vital to everything.

    Judith F. Avatar
    Judith F.
  • I have been suffering from neck pain and headache for almost 2 years. I constantly feel stiffness in the muscle from the back of my head and neck, which causes my blurry sight and tension headache. After consulting with Dr. Neil, he asked me to have a X-ray image and thoroughly examine my condition and explain to me patiently. It's has been 4 months having treatments with Dr. Neil, and I feel mentally and physically changed. I can think clear and sit down to concentrate on my school work for longer period of time without having tension headache. This is exactly what I want to achieve after seeking Chiropractic adjustment. Thank you Dr. Neil !

    Sheng Y. Avatar
    Sheng Y.
  • Hello everyone I have been a patient of Dr Niel for almost 6 months. I had a lot of difficulties with my neck and back. After a car accident about 1.5 years ago , I was unable to overcome the nerve pain in my neck and additional arthritis that exasperated the injury. My physician put me on a nerve medication that only masked the pain and didn't get at the root including a back pain that wouldn't subside.After seeing Dr one word " miracle" The first adjustment literally made a significant change in neck movement let alone nerve pain. I have had better movement in my body which helps me relax my mind, improving my mood, sleep and over all digestion.I can't say enough about chiropractic care and the benefits are not isolated. This care improves OVERALL function from your skeletal to your sleep and mind set.I recommend Dr Niel to anyone

    Maria D. Avatar
    Maria D.
  • Have been a patient of Ancaster Family Chiro for two months. From the beginning it was a place of positive and progressive support by Dr.Neil and staff. Never feel rushed, always feel welcome and extremely understanding with scheduling.

    Matthew K. Avatar
    Matthew K.

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