Perfection – Can You See It?

Can You See It?

It seems that everyone can see perfection in a plant.  I want you to think about a simple plant that sits on your windowsill.

When you observe a plant that is wilting, what questions automatically come to your mind?

When I ask this question, the answers are always the same: Is it getting enough water? Is it getting enough sunlight? Is it protected from environmental stress – abnormal temperatures or wind? Is the soil healthy?

We all automatically see the perfection in the plant.  We know that a plant has the innate ability to bounce back, and that healthy is its normal state.  Plants are, in fact, designed to be healthy.  Can you see it?

If a plant has wilting leaves, we don’t look for some abstract diagnostic name or label that has nothing to do with the main underlying cause.

Wilty Leaf-itis

We don’t look at a wilting plant and try to figure out if it’s “wilty leaf-itis,” or some other name that merely just describes the symptom.  Our thought process goes directly to the fundamental needs, because of our belief that tells us that the plant already has the ability to be perfect.  We innately know that LIFE loves LIFE.

So, why don’t we see ourselves in the same way? 

Why, when a person is not healthy, do we ask questions such as: What is it? What do we call it? How do I get rid of it?

Many years ago health care stopped being about addressing fundamental needs.  Medicine started to address the symptoms instead of the underlying cause.  They started to do ‘patch work’ when it came to health.  This type of thinking about health has led us on a slippery slope.

People started to take painkillers for headaches, muscle relaxants for spasm, anti-inflammatory pills for almost everything that hurts, and more.  And they started doing this not just in crisis, but also to get through each day.  Consumption of symptom-reducing medication has risen exponentially over the last 30 years.

Do you believe that the CAUSE of a headache is a deficiency in pain killer medication?

Of course you don’t.  So, then you understand that this treatment does not address the fundamental underlying cause of the headache; it just masks it.

Do you believe that the CAUSE of acid reflux is a deficiency in antacid?

Again, the answer seems so simple, yet people nowadays seem satisfied with simply taking something to treat the symptom, without ever addressing the underlying cause.  And then they are surprised when all of a sudden their health is in crisis.

The truth is that symptoms are your body’s attempt at communicating with you.  They are a gift!  They are absolutely not enjoyable, but they are critical.  Simply taking away or masking the symptom does not make you healthier; it just makes you feel better, and that is not the same thing.

True health is a restoration of normal function, and in that state the body has less symptoms, and ideally no symptoms at all, simply an expression of human health.

As you may have noticed over the last 30 years, there is a subsequent increase in the number of medications available to treat each condition.  I think that some medical breakthroughs are amazing; especially as it pertains to crisis care.  But in general, are we getting healthier?

Don’t get me wrong; obviously there is a time and place for acute crisis care.  I am clear on that.  In fact, I think that it is an amazing gift that so many people have been helped in crisis by medication.  Drugs and surgery are second to none in crisis management.

But we need to be clear; that which is good for you in crisis is not the same thing that helps you create health long term.  At some point it became ‘normal’ for people to carry pills in their purse or in their car.  At some point it became OK to advertise drugs directly to people, encouraging them to “ask your doctor” in the hope that they will sell more product.

Our day-to-day decisions are based on our personal belief system.  Read that again.

Made to Heal or Not?

If you believe that the body is inherently weak, that it has little to no ability to heal itself, then it makes perfect sense that you would turn to something from the outside-in, in order to help you get past a symptom.

If you believe that the body is inherently strong, that it has great ability to heal itself, then it makes perfect sense that you would turn to something that helps your body to heal naturally, which, in turn, would lead to normal resolution of the symptom.

Children who grow up believing they are weak, will learn the habit of looking to the outside for answers; in all areas not just health.

Children who grow up believing they are inherently and naturally strong, will learn the habit of looking inward for answers; in all areas.  This is what I want for my kids and future generations. How about you?


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  • Dr. Neil is one of best chiropractors, very thorough and professional, he uses the natural authentic techniques in treatment. Once you start the treatment you will start feeling the difference from a day one as your pain will start fading away, All aspects of the services are top notch and I appreciate the care and customer service I received.

    Mohamed S. Avatar
    Mohamed S.
  • Knowledgeable, listens to me and very approachable

    Denise H. Avatar
    Denise H.
  • Dr. Neil has provided outstanding and efficient care for my whole family. From our very first visit we noticed better quality of sleep, increased comfort, resolved headaches, and improved mobility. I am especially grateful for the way Dr. Neil has welcomed us on short notice when urgent needs have arisen and for his follow up care. Our quality of life is much better because of Dr. Neil.

    T K. Avatar
    T K.
  • Neil is a kind, super efficient and caring Chiropractor as is his staff

    Angie L. Avatar
    Angie L.
  • EXCELLENT CHIROPRACTIC CARE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY(not sure about family pets lol) When I came to Dr. Neil I was having problems with a very tight left hip flexor, pain in my left knee, sciatica and some back issues. I’ve been a patient for about two years and recommend this practice to all my family and friends. Since then all areas of concern are much better; some of the symptoms are completely gone. I feel part of the family! Dr.Neil is a true professional who makes himself accessible to his patients even outside of office hours. He and his team take wholistic approach and have created an atmosphere health and healing that is tangible when you walk in the door and Deb greets you. They are very accommodating with scheduling and always manage to find the time to squeeze me in, in an emergency. I never have to wait long. They’ve adjusted me through some really challenging seasons in my life. He and his team love what they do and they love helping their patients, giving back to the community and also abroad. My sister who was visiting from California and she loves Dr Neil because he was able to provide some care until she returned home. Turns out Dr Neil knows her chiropractor...go figure. Go you won’t be disappointed!

    Julia H. Avatar
    Julia H.
  • Dr. Neil is highly recommanded to anyone who has back pain, neck pain, or etc. I visited him for my lower back pain. I bear with the pain for a while then eventually I was having hard time walking, sitting, standing, even sleeping. Dr. Neil went through assessments and x-ray for the pain then he explains me the result very nice and easy to understand. He also prepared his video on youtube to support his patients. With all of these, I felt the first time that this doctor really cares about his patients and has passion of his job. Even though I am only been with him a month and half, my lower back pain definitely got much better and as well as neck pain. And of course I cannot forget about Deb and Sue. Thank you Deb that you replied me very quick on the first day for booking an assessment. Thank you Sue that you were very friendly for the assessment.

    Jessica L. Avatar
    Jessica L.
  • Any resistance I had to chiropractic treatment, due to past experiences, has disappeared thanks to Dr. Neil Brown and his very capable, kind staff. From the detailed initial assessment, the thorough explanation of the treatment plan including online tutorials and weekly newsletters, the extremely efficient self check-in and dual treatment beds resulting in little to no wait time at each appointment, makes for a very positive experience. I would highly recommend Ancaster Family Chiropractic to family and friends!

    Karen P. Avatar
    Karen P.
  • Dr. Neil is very accommodating. The office space is peaceful, and the staff is kind. Thank you Ancaster Family for everything you have done for myself and my family.

    Mary L. Avatar
    Mary L.
  • Dr. Neil is an amazing chiropractor. He is very personable, professional and knowledgeable. The team is all so warm and welcoming. Also, Dr. Neil goes out of his way to make sure I'm on the right track for my healing. For example, one time when a particular area of my body was causing me some pain. He adjusted me, gave me some exercises to do and asked me to let him know how I was feeling in a couple of days.

    Rich&Alex D. Avatar
    Rich&Alex D.
  • Excellent with young children!

    Vanessa R. Avatar
    Vanessa R.
  • I have had strong pain in my arm for months and thanks to Dr. Neil Brown and his friendly team they have helped me get back to the things I enjoy in life without as much pain.

    Kay W. Avatar
    Kay W.
  • Impressively efficient adjustment system. No wait or short wait. Very friendly staff. Never had an issue rescheduling appointments. You will feel and see the difference with your posture over time. Highly recommend :)

    Sean D. Avatar
    Sean D.
  • A huge thanks to Dr. Neil and all the staff at Ancaster Family Chiropractic for the all of the care they have provided for our son. We have noticed a decrease in his complaints of pain as well as an increase in his range of motion. We can already see the benefits and are grateful for their expertise!

    Jpod D. Avatar
    Jpod D.
  • It’s very interesting going in for an appointment after having some pain and the doctor notices where the pain is without saying it. Dr. Neil knows his patients and they are very flexible with appointments.

    ARNOLD R. Avatar
  • Sharing from my personal experience- I started a few months ago and I was having an annoying pain in my left shoulder and neck area prior starting, Dr. Neil helped me out a lot with that and I am really feeling relaxed and relieved from that annoying pain. My sleep schedule got improved. I highly recommend this place & Dr. Neil.

    Bhrigu M. Avatar
    Bhrigu M.
  • Really impressed with the quality of care my children are receiving. They are comfortable coming here & their sleep issues have improved. I also have issues with my wrist and hands & they kindly looked at my issue and gave me a quick adjustment free of charge.

    n/a w. Avatar
    n/a w.
  • The team at Ancaster Family Chiropractic are amazing. I've been seeing Dr. Neil for quite a few years now and am so glad I have. Dr. Neil's treatment plan has not only given me greater mobility I very rarely even get sick. I would highly recommend Dr. Neil if you're looking for a way to improve your health. Give Deb a call and make an appointment, you won't regret it. If you want to feel healthier this is the place to go.

    Kris C. Avatar
    Kris C.
  • All my family (my wife, 3yr daughter and myself) have regularly treatments from Dr. Neil and his awesome team. Definitely a big improvement and highly recommend.

    HK M. Avatar
    HK M.
  • After a few month treatment, my neck and shoulder feel much better and I can work in front of the computer much longer...Dr Neil is very knowledgeable and the staffs are very very friendly!

    Amanda P. Avatar
    Amanda P.
  • Started going too the Ancaster family chiropractic about a month ago with neck and mid to lower back pain. Now I'm having less pain and stiffness through out the week.They also put together a personal plan for the problems I was going through and walk me through how they were going to solve them

    colin p. Avatar
    colin p.

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