Nerve Stress = Dis-EASE

Parasympathetic & Sympathetic

The nerves that come out your spine at your upper neck and tailbone are responsible for parasympathetic nerve activity which controls rest, proper digestion, healthy immune response, calm, sleep, appropriate metabolism and healthy muscle tone.  Sympathetic nerves in your mid and lower back are the ‘fight or flight’ kind that increase heart & breathing rate, shut down (or off) digestion & immune function and increase muscle tension.

Nerve Stress = Dis-EASE

When you perceive a potential threat, your body releases hormones like adrenalin and cortisol to power your ‘fight or flight’ response.  Here’s some of what happens…
1.  a perceived (or occasionally real) stressor occurs (mental, physical, chemical)
2.  your body is flooded with glucose (sugar) to power large muscle groups
3.  insulin production is stopped to prevent sugar storage
4.  arteries narrow, heart rate increases, blood pressure elevates
5.  immune activity is suppressed – it’s a waste of resources in a crisis
6.  ideally, the stressor is removed

Neck Adjustments Shown to Decrease Sympathetic Activity

What does this have to do with chiropractic? EVERYTHING. When you are subluxated, especially in your neck, sympathetic tone is seemingly increased. What this means is that you are already in a state of dis-EASE before you even introduce outside life stresses into your life. Your body’s function is already leaning toward stress, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, poor digestion and slow metabolism. A 2011 study showed that “The results of this study suggest that CSM (chiropractic adjustment) affects regional cerebral glucose metabolism related to sympathetic relaxation and pain reduction.”
The most important areas of your spine to clear of subluxation are your neck and lower back/sacrum.  It’s the same for doing exercise.  If you could only exercise to stabilize two areas of your spine, you would get the most benefit in your upper neck and lower back/tailbone because of the impact they have parasympathetic nerves.


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  • I have been suffering with neck and back pain and lack of mobility since my early teens and I am now 27, but I have progressively had a harder time coping with it since I started working in Healthcare in 2019. It had gotten to the point where all I could think about was finding a different job throughout my shift because I wasn't sure how much longer I could handle it. I decided to give Chiropractic Medicine a try and I am so thankful I did! I have been going to Ancaster Family Chiropractic since July 2021 and I have experienced a significant improvement with reduced severity and frequency of pain, better range of motion in my neck and back, and I rarely have to take OTC pain medication which is something I was relying on daily beforehand. I am not even halfway through my treatment plan and I can't wait to continue experiencing improvement in my quality of life. Thank you, Dr. Neil, Sue and Deb!

    Kyle K. Avatar
    Kyle K.
  • Dr. Neil does an incredible job at adjusting your spine so your body can heal the way it's made to. He also teaches you how to live your most healthy lives! Dr. Neil, Deb and Sue are all friendly and caring individuals, which makes for a great team of staff!

    Heather Avatar
  • Being part of the Ancaster Family Chiropractor was the best decision, my treatment help with my posture and sleeping habits. The team are also very professional and welcoming.

    Loretta C. Avatar
    Loretta C.
  • Highly recommended

    jimmy d. Avatar
    jimmy d.
  • Dr. Neil and the staff Deb and Sue were very helpful with dealing with my issues. I went in with a lower back pain and has been healing pretty well. I have noticed the adjustments and home exercise not only helped with the pain but also helped with my digestion issues such as bloating. They were very accommodating whenever I needed a change in visits.Overall a great place to get yourself healed.

    Organic C. Avatar
    Organic C.
  • Excellent chiropractic office. Dr. Neil and his team are efficient and effective.

    Nader &. Avatar
    Nader &.
  • Great service and atmosphere, staff is friendly. I am always eager for my weekly adjustments, feel so much better after and very energized. Highly recommend the place.

    Biljana M. Avatar
    Biljana M.
  • Their philosophy of health and well being is encouraging, optimistic and realistic. I appreciate the idea of leading a healthy lifestyle and preventing illness rather than simply treating the symptoms of ailments. Also, there are times unexpected benefits to chiropractic care. I wholeheartedly recommend Ancaster Family Chiropractic.

    Jared W. Avatar
    Jared W.
  • Fantastic team who care about the whole person - always.friendly and helpful. Such a difference in my physical well being. My headaches are gone and I know better how to care for my long term well being.

    Harvey &. Avatar
    Harvey &.
  • I've been seeing Dr. Neil for over two years and consider his care essential to my overall well being. Dr. Neil, Deb, and Sue create a welcoming friendly environment. I greatly enjoy attending at Ancaster Family Chiropractic and I highly recommend them. Thank you for the great care you provide! Julie

    Julie F. Avatar
    Julie F.

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