Surprise! It’s another Article of the Week about nerves! When I was brainstorming for this week’s article, I wanted to talk about the healing process and how amazing our nerve system is (as if you didn’t already know).

Specialized cells called Schwann cells support the peripheral nerves (the nerves outside our brain and spinal cord) and produce the insulating myelin sheath that speeds up nerve communication. At the most extreme, when nerves are severed, Schwann cells occupy the original space the nerve occupied. The process of degeneration is followed by regeneration; nerves repair so that they return to their original target sites. Schwann cells that remain after nerve degeneration apparently determine the route.

Demyelinating neuropathies are those in which the Schwann cells are primarily affected and migrate away from the nerve. This process causes the insulating myelin to be lost, and conduction of nerve impulses down the nerve is blocked. Schwann cells may suffer immune or toxic attack, as in Guillain-Barré syndrome and diphtheria. This also leads to a blockage of electrical conduction.

Production of the specialized myelin starts at 5 months of development in the brain stem and back of the brain, but is not completed in the front of the brain until late in adolescence. Myelin is composed of about 40% water and the dry mass is composed of about 80% fats and 20% protein. The mainly fatty composition of the myelin gives it a white hue, hence the reference to the brain’s “white matter.” A diet that contains adequate amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids is essential for everyone, particularly pregnant moms and babies. Intake of these nutrients is critical during the first 1,000 days of life because of their impact on nerve development. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered “essential fatty acids” because they must be consumed from the diet. Many types of fish, flax seed, chia seeds, walnuts, spinach and Brussel sprouts contain Omega-3 fatty acids to allow your nerves to work optimally. There are also many supplements available if there are inadequate sources in your diet.


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  • Dr. Neil and the staff Deb and Sue were very helpful with dealing with my issues. I went in with a lower back pain and has been healing pretty well. I have noticed the adjustments and home exercise not only helped with the pain but also helped with my digestion issues such as bloating. They were very accommodating whenever I needed a change in visits.Overall a great place to get yourself healed.

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    Organic C.
  • Great service and atmosphere, staff is friendly. I am always eager for my weekly adjustments, feel so much better after and very energized. Highly recommend the place.

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    Biljana M.
  • Excellent chiropractic office. Dr. Neil and his team are efficient and effective.

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    Nader &.
  • Their philosophy of health and well being is encouraging, optimistic and realistic. I appreciate the idea of leading a healthy lifestyle and preventing illness rather than simply treating the symptoms of ailments. Also, there are times unexpected benefits to chiropractic care. I wholeheartedly recommend Ancaster Family Chiropractic.

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    Jared W.
  • Fantastic team who care about the whole person - always.friendly and helpful. Such a difference in my physical well being. My headaches are gone and I know better how to care for my long term well being.

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    Harvey &.
  • Dr Neil is fantastic at welcoming new patients. It's been a pleasure so far! I would definitely recommend!

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    Dayna F.
  • I've been seeing Dr. Neil for over two years and consider his care essential to my overall well being. Dr. Neil, Deb, and Sue create a welcoming friendly environment. I greatly enjoy attending at Ancaster Family Chiropractic and I highly recommend them. Thank you for the great care you provide! Julie

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    Julie F.
  • 5 stars for the family friendly service, kind staff, and clean environment. :D

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    Amanda S.
  • Wonderful atmosphere and experience every time. So thankful for Dr Neil and the team! Highly recommended!!!

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    Jeremy M.
  • Dr. Neil and the admin staff have been a pleasure to deal with. I was referred to Ancaster Family chiro by a family member when I was dealing with severe back pain to the point that I couldn’t stand up straight. After the first adjustment I was shocked by the difference I could feel right away. As someone without a health benefit plan, Dr Neil was very accommodating in finding an affordable plan for me. I have been a client now for almost 6 months and can honestly say that I feel the biggest difference. Do yourself a favour and try these folks out, you’ll thank yourself later!

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