Pardon the Interruption

It’s Just Muscle Doc!

I was talking to a patient last week who I’ve been adjusting for the last 4+ years.  He slept awkwardly the night before and had some soreness with muscle tightness in the right side of his neck.  He asked me if I thought it was “just muscle”.  I realized it was a great opportunity to review the impact subluxation has on many different areas of our bodies.

Pardon the Interruption

You know that subluxations are caused by any stress that overwhelms your body like physical, emotional/mental and chemical stressors.  Subluxations are interruptions in brain-body and body-brain communication.  The birth process, childhood falls, car accidents, sleeping position, repetitive movements, relationships, finances, work environment (physical and emotional) and the food we eat are all potential causes of subluxation.  Here is the impact those subluxations have on us….

The Five Components of Subluxation

1.  Spinal Kinesiopathology

– there is alteration in how individual joints move and function
– can affect more than just a single joint, can affect many vertebral levels
– causes altered spinal structure

2.  Neuropathophysiology/Neuropathology

– nerve irritation/inflammation (rub a credit card on the back of your hand for 30 seconds to test this one, how does it feel/look?, swelling/red/hot)
– nerve compression leads to loss of healing, function and coordination
– or overstimulation of nerves leading to muscle tension leading to atrophy

3.  Myopathology

– muscle spasm results from body’s attempt to protect the subluxated area
– muscle weakness due to chronic tightness, no recovery/healing time

4.  Histopathology

– inflammation, edema and swelling of tissue occurs
– research from 1987 showed permanent tissue/cell damage within
11-13 days when loss of normal joint movement (subluxation) is present

5.  Pathophysiology/Pathology

– changes due to the previous four components usually seen locally as degeneration, premature tissue aging, dis-ease
And by the way, what do you think my answer was?  Yes it’s muscle….and joints….and nerves….and cartilage….and cells….and function and aging and healing.  That’s what subluxation affects.


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  • Dr. Neil and the staff Deb and Sue were very helpful with dealing with my issues. I went in with a lower back pain and has been healing pretty well. I have noticed the adjustments and home exercise not only helped with the pain but also helped with my digestion issues such as bloating. They were very accommodating whenever I needed a change in visits.Overall a great place to get yourself healed.

    Organic C. Avatar
    Organic C.
  • Great service and atmosphere, staff is friendly. I am always eager for my weekly adjustments, feel so much better after and very energized. Highly recommend the place.

    Biljana M. Avatar
    Biljana M.
  • Their philosophy of health and well being is encouraging, optimistic and realistic. I appreciate the idea of leading a healthy lifestyle and preventing illness rather than simply treating the symptoms of ailments. Also, there are times unexpected benefits to chiropractic care. I wholeheartedly recommend Ancaster Family Chiropractic.

    Jared W. Avatar
    Jared W.
  • Excellent chiropractic office. Dr. Neil and his team are efficient and effective.

    Nader &. Avatar
    Nader &.
  • Dr Neil is fantastic at welcoming new patients. It's been a pleasure so far! I would definitely recommend!

    Dayna F. Avatar
    Dayna F.
  • I've been seeing Dr. Neil for over two years and consider his care essential to my overall well being. Dr. Neil, Deb, and Sue create a welcoming friendly environment. I greatly enjoy attending at Ancaster Family Chiropractic and I highly recommend them. Thank you for the great care you provide! Julie

    Julie F. Avatar
    Julie F.
  • Fantastic team who care about the whole person - always.friendly and helpful. Such a difference in my physical well being. My headaches are gone and I know better how to care for my long term well being.

    Harvey &. Avatar
    Harvey &.
  • Dr Brown is efficient, empathetic and excellent at what he does, which is helping your body heal itself! The investment that he, and his supportive team of Deb and Sue, make towards your long term care plan is by far the most thorough and well thought out that I have ever experienced. I highly recommend their services for the whole family.

    Wendy V. Avatar
    Wendy V.
  • 5 stars for the family friendly service, kind staff, and clean environment. :D

    Amanda S. Avatar
    Amanda S.
  • Dr. Neil and the admin staff have been a pleasure to deal with. I was referred to Ancaster Family chiro by a family member when I was dealing with severe back pain to the point that I couldn’t stand up straight. After the first adjustment I was shocked by the difference I could feel right away. As someone without a health benefit plan, Dr Neil was very accommodating in finding an affordable plan for me. I have been a client now for almost 6 months and can honestly say that I feel the biggest difference. Do yourself a favour and try these folks out, you’ll thank yourself later!

    Eric S. Avatar
    Eric S.

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