Reactionary, Preventative or Proactive?

Reactionary, Preventative or Proactive?

What’s the difference between reactionary, preventative or proactive health care?  Like many “health” care systems internationally, Canada’s system is reactionary. It was designed in the post-World War II era to primarily combat acute illnesses. The system waits for one to become sick before it kicks into reactive action. The system was not designed to help prevent the onset of disease, but instead, to diagnose and treat illness (for what was—at the time—a fairly healthy and young population). The Canadian system is designed around an acute care paradigm, where the focus is to address urgent issues and manage chronic illnesses. It makes perfect sense for this type of care to be provided reactively. Our system needs to continue to provide reactionary care in the context of acute illness. These interventions, however, will never create a higher level of health and function, but they can help you get out of crisis.

Avoiding Sickness

‘Preventative health care’ are buzz words you’ll often hear in the media. It suggests that we’re making health choices to prevent chronic illness. The problem is that prevention means we’re making choices just so we don’t get sick. It means we’re acting out of fear, lack and worry. It goes like this: “I watch what I eat because my mother has diabetes and I don’t want that!”, “I only brush my teeth so I don’t get cavities”, “I get up and stretch while I’m working so I don’t get back pain” or “I exercise because I don’t want to gain weight.”

Intent reveals desire, action reveals commitment. ~ Dr. Steve Maraboli

Healthy Stewardship

Proactive action begins with a much different mindset. As we recognize healthy lifestyle disciplines, it becomes more obvious that we should continue to do those for a lifetime. How long should you minimize (or have healthy outlets for) mental/relationship/work stress? Would it be good for you to drink lots of water each day even if you feel great? When would it be good to stop moving your body? At what point is it okay to stop brushing, flossing and getting your teeth checked? How often would it be good for you to get a good night’s sleep? How long should you take care of your spine and nerve system?

Whether you have a low, medium or high stress period of time in your life, these disciplines will always give you the best opportunity to heal and recover from those stresses. Proactive choices mean you’re committed to those actions regardless of how you feel in the moment because they lead to health.

Read here how the medical profession is moving towards proactive care practices.


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  • Hello everyone I have been a patient of Dr Niel for almost 6 months. I had a lot of difficulties with my neck and back. After a car accident about 1.5 years ago , I was unable to overcome the nerve pain in my neck and additional arthritis that exasperated the injury. My physician put me on a nerve medication that only masked the pain and didn't get at the root including a back pain that wouldn't subside.After seeing Dr one word " miracle" The first adjustment literally made a significant change in neck movement let alone nerve pain. I have had better movement in my body which helps me relax my mind, improving my mood, sleep and over all digestion.I can't say enough about chiropractic care and the benefits are not isolated. This care improves OVERALL function from your skeletal to your sleep and mind set.I recommend Dr Niel to anyone

    Maria D. Avatar
    Maria D.
  • I have been suffering from neck pain and headache for almost 2 years. I constantly feel stiffness in the muscle from the back of my head and neck, which causes my blurry sight and tension headache. After consulting with Dr. Neil, he asked me to have a X-ray image and thoroughly examine my condition and explain to me patiently. It's has been 4 months having treatments with Dr. Neil, and I feel mentally and physically changed. I can think clear and sit down to concentrate on my school work for longer period of time without having tension headache. This is exactly what I want to achieve after seeking Chiropractic adjustment. Thank you Dr. Neil !

    Sheng Y. Avatar
    Sheng Y.
  • Ancaster Family Chiropractic has great service and they do a really good job at working with you and what you need to improve!

    Grace C. Avatar
    Grace C.
  • Have been a patient of Ancaster Family Chiro for two months. From the beginning it was a place of positive and progressive support by Dr.Neil and staff. Never feel rushed, always feel welcome and extremely understanding with scheduling.

    Matthew K. Avatar
    Matthew K.
  • From the turn of the door handle , you feel the positive energy as you enter. Dr. Neil with Deb and Sue welcome you into a clean ,organized ,well run clinic . The focus is on your healing and helping you achieve that goal. Wonderful .

    greg n. Avatar
    greg n.
  • I have been suffering with neck and back pain and lack of mobility since my early teens and I am now 27, but I have progressively had a harder time coping with it since I started working in Healthcare in 2019. It had gotten to the point where all I could think about was finding a different job throughout my shift because I wasn't sure how much longer I could handle it. I decided to give Chiropractic Medicine a try and I am so thankful I did! I have been going to Ancaster Family Chiropractic since July 2021 and I have experienced a significant improvement with reduced severity and frequency of pain, better range of motion in my neck and back, and I rarely have to take OTC pain medication which is something I was relying on daily beforehand. I am not even halfway through my treatment plan and I can't wait to continue experiencing improvement in my quality of life. Thank you, Dr. Neil, Sue and Deb!

    Kyle K. Avatar
    Kyle K.
  • Being part of the Ancaster Family Chiropractor was the best decision, my treatment help with my posture and sleeping habits. The team are also very professional and welcoming.

    Loretta C. Avatar
    Loretta C.
  • Dr. Neil does an incredible job at adjusting your spine so your body can heal the way it's made to. He also teaches you how to live your most healthy lives! Dr. Neil, Deb and Sue are all friendly and caring individuals, which makes for a great team of staff!

    Heather Avatar
  • Highly recommended

    jimmy d. Avatar
    jimmy d.
  • Dr. Neil and the staff Deb and Sue were very helpful with dealing with my issues. I went in with a lower back pain and has been healing pretty well. I have noticed the adjustments and home exercise not only helped with the pain but also helped with my digestion issues such as bloating. They were very accommodating whenever I needed a change in visits.Overall a great place to get yourself healed.

    Organic C. Avatar
    Organic C.

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