Friendly Atmosphere
I loved the friendly atmosphere. ~Dianna M.

Everything was professional and comfortable. ~Pat M.

Great Experience
Great experience thank you! ~Ralph O.

Absolutely Wonderful
Your receptionist is very absolutely wonderful. Very friendly and welcoming. And Lisa was very thorough in her initial examination and explained things to me that I didn’t know. Excellent team. ~Teresa B.

I am a natural skeptic and must have more information to be able to move forward. First visit certainly made me want to learn more about the capabilities of your practice. For that reason I would say the first visit was successful from my perspective. Staff and doctor seem capable and confident. ~Linda N.

Caring And Compassionate
Dr. Neil was very caring and compassionate. He seems extremely knowledgeable and confident that he will be able to make a significant difference in ours son’s life, health and overall well being. We are very excited for the next steps. We came with one concern, and through our discussions have realized that chiropractic care may make a larger difference and more significant impact for our little guy. ~Jake S.